Don’t give up with your ideas

Ludwig Boltzmann developed an equation to describe the dynamics of an ideal gas. Boltzmann’s ideas were not accepted by many scientists. Attacks on his work continued and he began to feel that his life’s work was about to collapse despite his defense of his theories. Depressed and in bad health, Boltzmann committed suicide just before […]

Principal as a true leader

From a guidance perspective, no one escapes human relationship in the school setting and in the community where the school head is posted. Its effects are both personal and professional, and they affect effectiveness in terms of assisting and guiding learners. The school head must be realistic on this matter by sticking with educational issues. […]

Team Communication

Communication is the process of creating and sharing meaning. Communication in an organization is very important. In an enterprise whose success brings upon the coordination of the efforts of all its members, the managers depend completely upon the quality, the amount, and the rate of which relevant information reaches them. The rest of the organization, […]

Benefits of Teamwork

Concepts and theories¬†from different authorities in the field of human relations and management¬†are presented in the succeeding paragraphs to give a clearer view on the benefits of teamwork among employees. Smith, Kendall, and Hulin (1969) suggest that there are five job dimensions that represent the most important characteristics of a job to which people have […]