The 3 A’s that serves as my guide in fulfilling my dreams.

First A stands for Acceptance.

We need to accept the reality that there are things we could not do due to our limitations. It could be physically or financially that hinder us to do what we want.

During the 70’s and the 80’s, our island was not a choice for rich people to live. There was no electricity, no phone lines, no newspapers and no television. Most of the people were in poverty including my family. I accepted our status and I believed that the only way to improve our living condition was to pursue into college education. And that acceptance, conditioned my mind to strive and to prepare myself to navigate across the sea to study in college.


Second A stands for Associate.

You could easily get support from if they have known you and have trust in you. That is the basic rule on human interaction. Thus, associate yourself with others, that’s the key.

My first job here in Kuwait in 2006 was a Microsoft Office trainer. I only required to conduct classes for our military customers and support them if they have issues with Microsoft Office applications. However, I made myself available to my colleagues and other employees from other departments when they need my help. I even organized classes at their offices when I had not much on my schedule.

I had no idea that my simple gesture of helping them made me the recipient of the Quality Service Award in 2010. The people whom I associated and helped with were the one who nominated me to that award.

Third A stands for Ask.

Do not be shy to ask help when you need it. And you must say it.

Last year, my eldest son was selected for a Software Developer position. However, his offer letter was put on-hold due to some strict regulations set by the Philippine government in sending Filipino workers here in Kuwait. It was truly a difficult task to bring him here. But with the help of the people from both our company and our government, we made it happen. People by nature are good.  And when you ask help from them, they understand and willing to help specially when they know the intent of your heart.

To sum it up: my dream, your dream maybe likened to this rock. Neither you nor I could move it alone. If we really want to move it, we need to accept our limitation and admit that we are not superhumans. Though we are not gods, we have a special gift as a social being. Let us use that gift to associate and develop relationships with others. Then, without hesitation, let us ask help from them. And when they respond, we can move this rock altogether.

Like with the dream of the islander, it comes true because of you, them, us or the People.