“If I have seen a little further it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.”

– Sir Isaac Newton


What a humble statement from a famous scientist and philosopher . . . Despite of his geniuses, he still acknowledged the works of his predecessors who gave him a basic foundation that lead him to new discoveries of facts. Like with other scientists, Sir Isaac Newton possesses both the basic and exceptional scientific skills that brought him to fame and success, however he never claimed it solely as his.

I admit that his works and his life have impact on my imaginations and beliefs. His three laws – law of inertia, law of acceleration and law of interaction – connect into my philosophical views on how to live and to behave in the community I lived in. His quote above manifests his dependence to others in achieving what he wanted. And with the same quote, it directs me to build this site as a venue for sharing and mentoring ideas for those who wants to learn and know something new.

Much ideas and information have already put in by our predecessors, let us ‘mindweb’ their ideas and do the transformations.

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